Headaches Specialist


Headaches services offered in Upper East Side Manhattan, New York, NY

Headaches are very common in people who spend a lot of time sitting, especially those who work in front of computers. The pain often starts in the neck or base of the skull and travels around to the front of the head. Many people who report getting headaches say they can feel them coming on. These headaches can be the result of previous trauma to the neck, such as whiplash, or repetitive poor posture. Headaches, especially migraines, can be debilitating.


Why do I have headaches?

As with any kind of headache, it is important to rule out underlying diseases or pathology, as there are many possible causes of headaches it is critical to know what we are dealing with. We find that a commonly overlooked trigger for headaches are mechanical problems in the spine. Meaning the joints of the spine are rubbing or not moving as freely as they are designed to, causing dysfunction and pressure in the structures of the cervical spine leading to headaches as a symptom. 

The way to a life free of headaches.

In our office, we take a holistic approach to dealing with headaches, we treat your entire body, not just where it hurts. There can be many factors into what is causing your headaches, some more serious than others, so it is essential we provide an accurate diagnosis. Our process involves a thorough history which allows us to determine if we are in fact the right people to help you. If we are not, we will be sure to refer you to the right people. If we deem that we can help you, you will move on to an examination.

During this examination process, we will perform a range of orthopedic, neurological, and musculoskeletal tests to find out what is the problem. Once we have all this information, we will report back to you with our findings. 

From here we will create a personalized treatment plan, designed to help you recover naturally if possible. Our treatment approach may include osteopathic manipulation, chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the body particularly the lower limb, physical therapy, plus the prescription of rehab exercises and stretches. We may also provide prescription medication if necessary or an injection to relieve the pain faster. With will examine lifestyle factors that may have led to the problem and help you make modifications as necessary to prevent future instances.

We believe we have one of the most comprehensive approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches you can find anywhere. We combine the best of our multiple disciplines to get faster headache pain relief that lasts. If you look at some of the comments our patients make, it looks like they agree with our approach!